Located south of Laurel, Maryland, Cleveland Conservation of Art on Paper, Inc. is a professional art conservation company. Serving both institutions and private collectors, CCAP offers comprehensive, museum-quality conservation services for a broad array of paper and parchment artifacts:

Middle Eastern calligraphic works and Japanese Ukiyo-e prints are especially welcome. Photographs are best taken to conservators who specialize in photograph conservation; references are available upon request.

To learn more about CCAP and paper conservation in general, just click the links at the top of the page:

About the Company includes contact information, a list of available services, a short biography of the owner/conservator, and a brief description of the conservation facility.

Paper Problems reviews some of the most common problems affecting paper works of art and other paper artifacts. Each page is illustrated with photographs showing condition before and after treatment.

Working with CCAP describes the process of doing business with Cleveland Conservation.

For additional information or an appointment, please contact CCAP at 301-210-3731 or conservationofpaper@erols.com. We look forward to hearing from you!

Chine colé print before treatment.
Chine colé print after treatment.
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